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WHY LE BOURGET?because paris is always a good idea

Paris Le Bourget Airport is Europe's busiest business aviation airport , dedicated exclusively to private aircraft.

With the largest number of private jet charter terminal facilities of any European Airport, the airport is the premier choice for private flights in and out of Paris.

“The closest of Paris's three airports to the centre of town, Le Bourget is a true hub for business aviation. With numerous private terminals to choose from, each offering exceptional levels of service, passengers can expect a seamless and rapid transfer onto their aircraft.”

Without the considerations of commercial flights, aircraft can taxi and take off in the fastest possible time.

paris le bourget airport history

Paris Le Bourget has a rich aviation history. It was Paris' first and only airfield until the opening of Orly in 1932.

In that time, it saw a number of historic events, arguably the most famous and seminal being the arrival of Charles Lindbergh's famous transatlantic flight.The airport also has seen the first and only ever arrival of Hitler in Paris, and in 1961, the Russian Ballet Dancer Rudolph Nureyev defected to the West at the airfield.

The airport stopped all commercial operations in 1977 and has since then been dedicated to private aviation only.

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