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Eating with your eyes first

how often have you eaten something, didn' t want it, and ate it anyway? if this happens more than you realize, could you be eating because of an impulse to your eyes, or any one of your five senses?

Culinary Designers work together with the Three Frog Group close the circle between looking good and tasting good. We bring easy to implement but beautiful pieces to on-board dining.

“An Artist needs a canvas to present his art. And so does a Chef.”

Part of tasting good food is wrapped up in how the dish is presented. When a private jet client has a talented Chef designing the menu, you need to do their work justice , and put as much passion into presentation and packaging of the food as they do to the taste and texture of the meal.

Presenting food beautifully means your palate is already expecting something wonderful. So our equipment plays a big part in creating this experience from start to finish.

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