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french gastronomy :The perfect sizzle

The history of french gastronomy goes back centuries to the gauls, who developed a culture of eating and drinking well, an art de vivre that still exists today.

The Art of Feasting in the Middle Ages :

Banquests helped affirm your rank, wealth and level of prestige, and were held to celebrate weddings, engagements, births and victories...Meals were composed of several courses and enlivened with animations and performances. Forks and knives had yet to make their appearance, so fingers were used to serve from the main dish.

The notion of French cuisine became important during the reign of Louis XIV. Meals became theatrical, orchestrated by a maitre d'hotel, and service a la francaise reached its peak in the 18th century. Known internationally today, this type of service helps structure a meal, which begins with soups and starters, followed by roasts, ending with entremets and desserts.

restaurants become fashionable

Table service in restaurants began during the French Revolution. At that time there were 100 restaurants, which grew to 600 under the Empire and 3000 during the restoration period.

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